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If you are planning your trip to Tulum, the Cenotes Casa Tortuga are spots you can’t miss on your visit. You must schedule it in your plans to fully enjoy the wonderful experience: ancient caves, crystal clear waters, the lush Mayan jungle and nature will give you unforgettable experiences.

Perhaps you think that because it is a small place there are few tourist attractions, but it’s not the case: in addition to the impressive views of the turquoise blue sea and the Mayan archaeological ruins, you can visit the spectacular cenote to swim in crystal cool and clear water.

Diving in cenotes casa Tortuga

The beauty of the cenotes will leave you an experience of relaxation, healthy fun and connection with nature. Casa Tortuga Tulum is the ideal place to practice yoga, meditate, forget about the stress of big cities and be at peace with yourself. If you travel as a couple, the romantic landscapes of the Mayan jungle, the sounds of the leaves of the trees, the movement of the water and the songs of the birds will create the perfect environment for a dream honeymoon.

Just a few minutes from the center of Tulum you will find the Cenotes Casa Tortuga, where you can have a guided tour of the natural wonders Wisho, Campana, Tres zapotes and Jaguar, with waters ranging from 1 to 8 meters deep, so you will have different kinds of fun; the Cenote Campana and the Wisho are semi-open, with formations of stalactites and stalacmites that you can admire, of course, without touching or trying to take them as a souvenir because in this place the care of nature is encouraged.

Cenote Casa Tortuga in Tulum

When leaving Wisho you will enter the jungle, where you will be able to see the sacred trees of the Maya: the chechén and the chacáh, which represent good and evil and you shouldn’t touch as they can be poisonous.

The Tres Zapotes cenote is open, it has a spring of pure water from which you can drink directly; the last cenote is the Jaguar, a semi-open cavern, whose entrance leads to a dry cavern where you will find stalactites, stalagmites, tree roots and some fossils.

Cenotes Casa Tortuga

To go swimming you must rinse in the showers, so that you remove the chemicals from non-biodegradable sunscreen or repellants, which can contaminate the water in the cenotes; It is important that you preserve the nature of this environment, which is one of the largest lungs in the world and a sacred region for the Mayan culture.

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