If you are planning your next trip to Tulum and you´re looking for the best attractions to visit, there´s lots of things to do! Many activities for kids and adults, and plenty of places to visit that you´ll surely love!

Archaeological ruins of Tulum

We´ve told you before, in previous blog posts, about the ruins, so we will quickly mention the main attractions: an ancient walled city with a breathtaking view of the turquoise sea. After getting to know the buildings that tell the story of one of the mystical pre-Hispanic civilizations, you will be ready to go to the beach to cool off! However, we suggest you wear your swimsuit under your clothes (which by the way, should be very comfortable) because there are no dressing rooms.

Archaeological area of Cobá

It´s located about 47 km from Tulum, in the middle of the Mayan jungle. Cobá is an impressive tourist site whose name means “chopped water” for its proximity to lagoons. The archaeological area of Cobá is characterized by having the highest temple of the Yucatan Peninsula: the temple of Nohoch Mul at 42 meters high, and the oldest network of stone roads since it was created by the Mayas to encourage trade.

Here you will find stone stelae with inscriptions that counted the most important events of the city, and as a curious fact I´d like to mention in Cobá is located the famous inscription on the Stele One of Cobá that represents the last day of an era in the mayan calendar that was interpreted as the date of the end of the world in 2012.

Archaeological area of Cobá

You can´t miss the temple called “the church”, the two Ball Games, the “The Paintings” building complex nor the Observatory. We recommend using a bike to explore the archaeological area, as it is very extensive. Dare to climb to the highest point of Nohoch Mul to contemplate the extraordinary view of the jungle and the Macanxoc and Coba lagoons.

Xel- Ha

It is located Just 9 km from Tulum. It´s an ecotourism park belonging to the Xcaret Group, with a privileged location between the Mayan jungle and the Caribbean Sea. It is considered the largest natural aquarium in the world for the enormous diversity of marine species that you can observe when diving or snorkeling in its crystal clear waters. By the way, you don’t need to be an expert swimmer, as the depth is low and you’ll get protective vests and lenses.

Xel- Ha

In Xel- Há you will find more than 20 activities to have fun throughout the day, and your access payment allows you to use the main attractions, as well as food, drinks, snacks bar and bars. So if you travel with family or friends everyone will have fun.

Stay at Orchid House

Having visited the most spectacular attractions of Tulum you will want to dedicate at least one day to rest, relax and return home feeling refreshed. In order to achieve this, the key is to find a great place where to stay.

At Orchid House, Boutique Hotel in Tulum we have suites where you will feel at home, but with amenities that you will not want to leave, spectacular views, swimming pools, restaurant bar with wonderful regional food and more.

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