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Are you an adventurer, nature and a turtle fanatic? Then the Great Cenote Tulum is a must-see destination for you. This source of water is the most famous in the region, where snorkeling and cave diving lovers come to live an incredible experience swimming in crystal clear waters, home to sea turtles.

Turtles From Gran Cenote

Before entering the cenote you must give yourself a shower to rinse the chemical remains such as cream and sunscreen, which can contaminate the 100% natural environment where the marine fauna lives. At the recreation and relaxation area, and where tables, chairs and places to lie down to sunbathe are, you will find iguanas of multiple nationalities that go out to sunbathe and interact with tourists.

The Gran Cenote is surrounded by thick vegetation. It´s a semi-open cenote so you can find rock formations and caverns. You´ll have to bring diving or snorkeling equipment, or rent it at the entrance to be able to visualize the colorful underwater. If you can’t swim nor dive, don’t worry; the water level is shallow in many areas and you will be able to stand and enjoy the idyllic setting with turtles and fish swimming around you.

Gran Cenote a big adventure

It is important that you follow all safety instructions and refrain from the use of chemicals that contaminate the 100% natural Great Cenote environment, as well as if you are carrying food and drinks, be sure to collect your trash and deposit it in the garbage cans as indicated in order not to cause harm to the living beings that inhabit the place.

Where’s the Great Cenote?

Where's the Gran Cenote?

Just 5 km away from Tulum is the Great Cenote; When staying at Orchid House you can arrive in a 10 minutes car drive, or in a 20 minutes bike ride that you could rent and have a great natural experience; at the park entrance there are many places to safely park the bike.

Undoubtedly, Tulum has magic: it is a paradise destination where you will find fun, adventure tourism, romantic landscapes, delicious typical dishes and thousands of secrets in the sand waiting to be discovered.

At Orchid House, a boutique hotel in Tulum, we invite you to meet us. We want you to feel as if you´re staying at home, with all the luxury and amenities of our suites so you have an unforgettable experience. Contact us today and book your next holiday in Tulum.

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