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One of the main attractions of Tulum is the National Park. It´s a terrestrial Protected Natural Area (PNA) located in the Riviera Maya in the Cancun-Tulum corridor. With more than 600 hectares, it covers from the north of the town of Tulum to Casa Cenote, and surrounds the walled archaeological zone, which is one of the greatest affluence tourist attractions.

Despite being a relatively small area, it has different types of natural environments such as medium jungle, beaches, cenotes, wetlands and coastal vegetation. It is home to hundreds of species of representative endemic plants and animals, some in danger of extinction, especially migratory birds from the United States and Canada that head towards the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve during the winter.

In this park you will find different parrot species, aquatic birds such as the brown pelican, black hawks, fishing eagles. It is also home to endemic plants, anteaters, tepezcuintles, armadillos, howler monkeys and spiders, weasels, squirrels, as well as reptiles such as gray and green iguanas, boa constrictor, four nosed snake. And as a highlight, one of the most important activities of sea turtles: spawning. Carried out on sandy, lonely and dark beaches.

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The importance of the Tulum National Park lies in its vast natural and cultural wealth, which is why it is a protected area by the Federal Government. Especially species in danger of extinction such as hawksbill, leatherback, white and loggerhead sea turtles. In addition to all these wonders, the Tulum National Park has underground rivers and several freshwater cenotes where traditional ceremonies of the Mayan culture were performed.

Attractions of Tulum is the National Park

By federal decree, since April 23, 1981, Tulum National Park has been a protected area for the purpose of conserving, protecting and recovering ecosystems. Therefore, during your visit you must respect the reserved areas. Do not open roads or trails, do not light fires, do not throw garbage, or damage the dunes. Visitors are also asked to respect the animals that live there and not to try to take away flowers or endemic plants.

Now at last! Prepare your camera, bring comfortable clothes, an umbrella, a couple of eco-friendly bottles of natural water and get ready to live a 100% natural experience in Tulum National Park; be amazed by the wonders of nature and the most spectacular landscapes of Mexico.

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