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“Aldea Zama” or Zama Village, is a real estate development in Tulum located in a central area of the fishing village, which is known as a really beautiful residential area, surrounded by nature and ideal to rest and relax. This is ideal place for those who loves comfort, luxury, tranquility and all adventures that Riviera Maya can offer.

The word Zamá means dawn in Mayan language. The moment when you can see the first light of day. The name, Aldea Zama, fits very well for such a charming tropical neighborhood for the following reasons that will surely surprise you.

The best location

Aldea Zama is located in the heart of Tulum, within the hotel zone, near the village and the National Park, the main archaeological zone of the region. It is very close to the tourist places and it has an easy access. Due to its proximity to other places, it is very easy to walk or to ride a bike around this small town.

In addition to the center of Tulum, Aldea Zama is close to other places such as: Playa del Carmen (50 minutes), Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve (30 minutes), Cancun (120 minutes), making it a strategic location to visit other destinations in the Riviera Maya.

Ecological and safe community

Aldea Zama Tulum is a project divided into different types of properties such as commercial lots, multifamily, single-family, among others. So there is a great architectural variety where the lifestyle of the neighborhoods residents stands out. It has a modern road infrastructure, pedestrian paths, cycle paths, shared areas for recreation, shopping areas and much more. Of course, the whole environment seeks sustainability and to have an eco-friendly environment.


Some areas of Tulum lack services because they were not originally planned during construction. Although, Aldea Zamas development entered the 2006-2030 urbanization plan and is one of the few neighborhoods that has drainage, public transportation, lighting, surveillance and security basic services.

Within the eighty hectares of Aldea Zama is located one of the best hotels in Tulum, Orchid House; where you can go through a spectacular experience: near the most important spots of the city and the entire Riviera Maya plus a natural environment just a few minutes from the beach and the center.

You already know, Orchid House is a boutique hotel in Tulum with a strategic location, and security, which offers you all the rest and comfort you deserve on your vacation. Book your stay through our website. We will make you feel at home!

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