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Certainly among the greatest attractions of any town in Mexico is its handcrafts: those works that artisans carry out with their own hands, and that reflect the local culture and traditions.

In Tulum you can find a great variety of artisan objects in different manufacturing materials, which are not only part of this area of Mexico but also of the whole Riviera Maya. So, make some space in your suitcase in order to take home some memories of your paradisiacal trip.

Variety of artisan items

Mexican crafts have been recognized worldwide for their great value and representation of Mexico´s ancestral culture, and you can find them for different purposes:

  • Clothing. Embroidered blouses, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, sandals, dresses, “huipiles”, bags, among others.
  • Decor. Candles, masks, crucifixes, dream catchers, lamps, animal figures such as the jauguar, the ocelot, among others that are endemic and associated with both nature and the Mayan culture.
  • Utilities. Hammocks, wicker baskets, colorful tablecloths, napkin rings, tequila glasses sets, plates, among others.

Tulum crafts, like other Mayan cities, have decorative patterns and distinctive colors, which in addition to expressing belonging, are ways of identifying the cultures, beliefs and magical symbols that characterize, from generation to generation, pre-Hispanic people.

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In addition to the most popular crafts, we can also find Mayan art in sculptures made with limestone, which are replicas of popular pieces, or the Mayan Gods representation.

mayan sculpture

Cotton blouses (ipil) are one of the best-known artisan pieces in the world, as they reflect Mayan clothing and the impressive embroidery work done by indigenous women, who usually do it by hand and with different thread colors. They use ancient embroidery techniques such as “xocbi chuy”, which means cross stitch or counted thread, or “x manikte´”, which means perpetuity.

Strangely enough, the designs and embroidery of the Mayans are used less and less due to the great complexity of the techniques, although they have inspired famous international fashion designers, who have created designs with colors, patterns and shapes very similar to those of this culture.

On your trip to Tulum, don’t forget that with your souvenirs you help artisans continue to bring Mayan culture to the whole world. In addition, we invite you to stay at Orchid House, a Boutique Hotel in Tulum decorated with beautiful handcrafts and Mayan art, which in every corner reflects love for our land. We also invite you to discover our Tulum Beachfrontal Hotel Boutique. Enjoy a great experience of rest and comfort.

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