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If you love ecotourism and adventure probably when planning your vacation, in Tulum, the first thing you think of, is all those places you will visit for sports, especially diving. The Mexican Caribbean is known for its variety of marine species, crystal clear waters and white sand beaches, especially those found in cenotes.

“Cenote” is the derivation of the Mayan word “ts´ono´ot” which means abyss, depth or deep thing. It is a type of natural freshwater pond, which is supplied by an underground river. The cenotes are connected to each other, and were very important for the Mayan culture, since they saw them as portals for the underworld and all kinds of rituals were practiced in them. In addition, they provided their main source of drinking water.

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There are many cenotes in the Yucatan Peninsula, which were formed naturally by soil erosion. Currently they are part of the main attractions of the area, being visited by thousands of visitors throughout the year, especially by the ones looking for a natural place to have fun together with the practice of a special sport: diving.

There are three types of cenotes: open ones (which are similar to lakes), partially covered ones, and cavernous or underground ones. The last two types are the most popular for diving in Tulum as they are impressive: they have filtered lights, stalactites and stalagmites, tree roots and a huge variety of flora and fauna endemic to the region.

In addition, there are very deep cenotes, which have water currents and in which you can find Mayan artifacts and precious stones as a witness to the sacrifices of the Maya to their Gods.

cenotes in Mexico

So, the best cenotes to dive in Tulum are the following:

Cenote Dos Ojos (Cenote Two Eyes)

It´s located at “Dos Ojos Park”, about 19 kilometers from Tulum´s center. It´s the most famous cenote in the area where you can do a cave dive. Its name “Dos Ojos” is due to the reason that it is composed of two cenotes connected by an underwater passage of 400 meters and is part of the largest flooded cave in the world where you can dive and snorkel.

The two cenotes that you will find here are: Barbie, where you will find stalactites, stalagmites, fossils, a depth of 6.5 meters without current. So it is not necessary to be an advanced diver; Batcave or cave of the Bats, is the other cenote that has a shorter but darker route, almost devoid of natural light, with narrow passages, stalactites and fossils.

At Dos Ojos Park there are other cenotes which you could also visit and spend a full adventures day. Their names are: Jaguar, Nicte, El Pit and Los Monos.

Gran Cenote (Great Cenote)

Gran Cenote is located between Tulum and the ruins of Coba. It is the tourist´s favorite cenote for snorkeling. It´s caves are full of stalactites and stalagmites to explore, while swimming among turtles. It is the perfect place for non experienced divers and travelers who come as a family to enjoy the natural beauty of the cenotes.

Cenotes in Tulum Mexico

Cenote Chikin ha

It is a cave-type cenote that is connected to other cenotes. Since it has bright light entrances in an open cavern, it´s ideal for divers with little experience and it also offers a great opportunity to practice cave immersion.

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