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Make your hotel reservation in advance!

During the busiest weeks of winter, there are often few to zero options for staying in Tulum. If you’re planning to enjoy the beach during December and January make sure you have the best deal with our early booking sale.  One of the greatest benefits of staying at boutique hotel in Tulum is that continental breakfast is included, we have bikes at our property as well as outside the Hotel there are spaces to park your car, and the most incredible thing is that it is very well located in the most exclusive neighborhood Aldea Zama.

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Hotel in Aldea Zama


Traveling to Tulum with your family or friends?

During winter it might be difficult to find rooms in Tulum when you travel with your family or friends, it could be frustrating and hard to find a good deals, in those cases we have the perfect solution. Our villas in Tulum: Casa Xelva and Villa Vainilla in Aldea Zama Tulum neighborhood are the best option when you travel in groups. Our villas in Tulum have private king size beds, A/C in all the rooms, private pool, kitchen, dining room, living room and more amenities that will make your vacations an incredible experience. 

Villa in Tulum

Villa in Aldea Zama

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Make of your day’s in Tulum a magical experience.

You’ll spend your days in Tulum eating fresh fish tacos, drinking your favorite cocktail in our pool side bar, practicing yoga in the morning, or reading your favorite book on a hammock. The main draw is Tulum’s gorgeous beach, one of the best in Mexico, plus the incredible vibes of the town. Unlike other beach getaways in Mexico, Tulum has several things to see, from historic ruins, the beautiful Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve to world-class fashion designers boutiques and restaurants with outstanding quality.

Tulum Mexico

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