You have probably already heard that traveling to Tulum is like going to an earthly heaven. The reason is because Playa Paraíso is considered the best beach in Mexico by thousands of tourists from around the world. Today we will tell you everything you need about this beautiful place.

Why is Playa Paraíso considered the best beach in Mexico?

According to statistics taken from web portals where travelers leave their opinions, Playa Paraíso is the best for the following reasons:

• The beauty of the crystalline blue waters, which go from turquoise to darker shades in a very short space.
• For its white and smooth sands that invite you to lie down to sunbathe and enjoy the beautiful landscape.
• Because of the water temperature that is warm and refreshing at the same time, so it invites you to take a dip or walk by the sea, feeling the muddy sand under your feet.

Playa Paraíso in Tulum


A Beach for first class tourism

Although Tulum is characterized by being small and intimate as well as the perfect place for ecotourism, in Playa Paraíso you will find all the amenities that first-class tourists demand: tropical cocktails, cold beers, restaurants with fresh foods from the Caribbean Sea, as well as the sale of souvenirs and products to have more fun on the beach, such as life jackets or buckets to create sand castles.

Also, if your idea is not to spend the whole day on the beach, this place is close to other spectacular attractions that you can visit before or after taking a refreshing dip in the sea. You could visit the archaeological zone, and go for a walk in the center of Tulum and enjoy more culinary experiences.

The gastronomy of Tulum is a fusion of the Mayan seasoning with the recipes of the Spanish, so you can find international cuisine, gourmet dishes or Mexican delicacies typical of the Riviera Maya such as Caribbean lobster, grouper or sea bass fish, snails, seafood, barbecue fish, and even exotic meats such as armadillo or tepezcuintle.


A beach surrounded by jungle

There are many beaches, but one surrounded by the Mayan jungle is unique. Here you will find a place to connect with nature, with relatively few people, either for a romantic getaway or to practice yoga or even to dive and enjoy seeing beautiful coral reefs and sea turtles.

beach with turtles


Where to stay to visit this beautiful beach?

If you travel to Tulum, staying at Orchid House Tulum will give you the full relaxation experience you are looking for. It is located only 2.6 km from Paraíso beach, which means, 8 minutes by car and 13 minutes on a bicycle. The bikes can be rented with us for your convenience in order to have a lovely opportunity to enjoy the natural life Tulum offers.

Don’t wait any longer and book your stay today in a boutique hotel in Tulum such as Orchid House, discover the beauty and charm of Tulum while staying in a comfortable boutique hotel where we will make you feel at home.

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