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Spring is here, and relaxing days are approaching. Seize the moment and head out to enjoy the sand on a paradise beach. But before you start your trip, take along these accessories that are perfect for your vacation.

-Portable mat for the beach: they are perfect to avoid the uncomfortable feeling of sand and stay cool in the sun. Their fabric is water-resistant; you can fold it easily, and it has a small handle for easy carrying. Some beach mats can also be used for picnics or even yoga.

-Sun protection: it is a must in daily life, not only at the beach. Many people underestimate how much damage UV rays can do to their skin. It is not just unpleasant sunburns: constant exposure to the sun, as it happens everyday life, can lead to diseases such as cancer. If we want to preserve our health, it is essential to protect ourselves when we are exposed to the sun. Use a waterproof cream and apply it on your face and all over your body (every three hours).

Mosquito repellent: if you don’t have it with you, you will miss it as soon as you get to the beach. Avoid insomnia or the annoying hives caused by mosquito bites with a good mosquito repellent. Choose one that is ideal for tropical climates, provides several hours of protection, and is sweat-resistant. There are also options for dry or sensitive skin.

-Water shoes: It is a compliment that few people include in their luggage, but those who do never forget them. Water shoes avoid the unpleasant contact with coarse sand, sharp objects that may be inside, and even with marine life when you pursue activities such as snorkeling.

-Thermal bottle for water: an indispensable accessory on the beach. You can not sunbathe without taking as much liquid as possible. That’s why we recommend a thermal bottle to keep your water cool while you are at the ocean. There are convenient options that are made of stainless steel and are ideal for athletes (which is good for you because they will not slip when you sweat).

Source: National Geographic Traveler / Bel Around the World

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