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If you’ve decided to vacation in Tulum, you’ve already made one good decision!  After that, it’s just a matter of choosing the kind of accommodations that will make your experience perfectly fit your  expectations.  Orchid House Hotels gives you a couple of choices of lodging in Tulum: one near the center of town and the beach, and the other in a “Jungle” hotel, designed to let you capture nature at its fullest.

The Jungle Life

If you decide to stay at Orchid’s Jungle hotel, you’ll feel like you’re living a little on the wild side! You’ll  be part of a classic jungle motif inside, decorated and furnished to remind you of what’s waiting outside.

The outdoors-themed Master, Garden, Jungle, and Orchid Suites all reflect an earthy décor, filled with artwork to remind you that you’re not in the big city anymore.  And beyond your inside “jungle,” you’ve got the real thing only a few steps away, where you can walk among tropical vegetation, smell the flora, and feel like you’re on a real jungle expedition.   At night, you’ll be able to continue your jungle journey in the comfort and convenience of your own personal terrace where you can still be close to the sounds and sights of a tropical jungle.  The jungle option is the perfect way to embrace your wild side while still relaxing in safety and comfort.

The Beach Life

Maybe you’re all set for a more conventional getaway experience.  Not all that far from the jungle hotel, you’ll find equally comfortable accommodations at the Orchid House’s beach hotel and boutique.  Here, you still can have the get-away-from-it-all experience you’re seeking, but you’ll also be nearer to the warm sand, cool breeze, and ocean sounds waiting just outside your room.   You can catch a convenient ride to tours to Tulum National Park, the Mayan ruins, the Sian Ka’an Biosphere Reserve, or the award-winning SFER IK Cultural Museum.   You’ll also encounter more than your fair share of restaurants and shopping, minutes away by foot or taxi. The Beach hotel offers a full range of amenities, including a restaurant, beach bar, concierge, in-room mini-bars, and wifi, to name a few.

It’s up to you—what do you want out of your Tulum experience?  Jungle or beach, but do not forget that on your trip you must try the delicious food of Aldea Zama Tulum, you can’t make a bad choice if you’re staying in Orchid house Tulum, a boutique hotel in Tulum.  Call them today to plan your trip and choose between two options: Villas in Tulum or our Tulum beachfront hotel boutique.

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