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If a beach getaway sounds good, Playa Pescadores is just the place for you!

Located near Tulum, at the heart of Mexico’s most beautiful resort area on the Yucatan Peninsula, you’ll find every recreational activity you could imagine. The clear, blue water and the clean white beach create an unforgettable backdrop for fun, leisure, good eating, and romance.

Fishing Tours

Pescado means “fish” in Spanish, and you’ll find plenty of that at Playa Pescadores. Join the many guided local fishing tours where you and your family can catch barracudas, snappers, or other deep-sea delicacies. You can even try your hand at spearfishing or flyfishing.

Snorkeling Trips

A haven for experienced or first-time snorkelers, the Kaam Luum Lagoon or a Float on the Muyil River will give you the most out of a snorkeling trip. Take guided lessons from local experts and get the most out of your underwater experience!

Snorkeling Trips in pescadores beach

Beach Volleyball

When you’re ready to come out of the water for a while, join in with friends, family, or other guests on nature’s own volleyball court—there’s plenty of sand, sun, and a cool ocean breeze to enjoy while you show off your athletic skill in a friendly game.

Romantic Dinner

What better place than a beach front to spend time with your special someone? Whether inside at one of the many fine restaurants, or a candlelight dinner right on the beach, make Pescadores a place to remember as you enjoy an authentic Caribbean meal while watching the sun set!

Romantic Dinner in pescadores beach

Swim with the Dolphins

Pescadores is a mecca for marine life. Enjoy some one-on-one play time with a friendly dolphin, or take a sea safari tour to get a first-hand look at an incredible variety of sea life.

Enjoy Local Food

Can you say—Burrito? Great Mexican food, with a Caribbean twist, is a specialty around Pescadores. If you’re in the mood for something else, you’ve got lots of choices: Italian, Greek, and Thai restaurants are waiting for you, just to name a few in Aldea Zama Tulum.

Visit Archaeological Sites

Close to the beach—just a few minutes away, in fact—you’ll find the magnificent Mayan ruins, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The archaeological zone includes Chickén Itza, where you can actually climb the beautifully preserved Mayan Temples.

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Archaeological Sites

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