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Tulum, Mexico is a beautiful village that has become an Eco-tourist spot. Snorkeling, and hiking opportunities are available. Tourists can enjoy the well-preserved ruins, coral reefs, underground rivers, and stalactite caves. An exciting thing to do is to go snorkeling with whale sharks. The best time to arrange to take the snorkeling tours is during the season which runs from May 15 to September 17 but the peak time is between mid-June and mid-August. On average you can expect to see between one and forty whale sharks.

Enjoy the excitement but keep in mind that snorkelers are not permitted to touch the whale sharks. All of the tours available are designed as eco-tours and to protect these amazing creatures rules specify that snorkelers don’t go within 2 meters or 6.6 feet of the whale sharks. Keep in mind that whale sharks are docile creatures and your experience won’t be dangerous but enjoyable just stick with the rules and enjoy snorkeling.


Among the best places for snorkeling are

Tulum Beach from which tourists embark on Tulum Reef snorkeling, The waters are full of colorful coral and purple sea fans. Schools of fish are all around and fish like French angelfish, Foureye butterflyfish, Atlantic blue tang, and Sergeant major can be seen.

Tankah Bay which has four unique snorkeling areas each with its own entrance. Mesoamerican reef snorkeling lets tourists explore the different shades of blue found underwater and see the vibrant sea life. There waters are less crowded and among the green grass sea beds, sea turtles can be found. They can be seen most often from August to November. Among the fish that can be seen in the water are Queen angelfish, yellowtail damselfish, blue tangs, and Bermuda chubs.

Where to snorkel with whale sharks

Snorkelers can also choose to join special snorkel tours

There are underground tours that take tourists to limestone caves carved out by the Mayans. Holding onto a flashlight rock formations and colorful fish are observed, During the right season sea turtles and schools of dolphins are encountered.

Whale shark tours are available where snorkelers can also encounter green sea turtles, tropical fish and other sea creatures. Arranged tours pick up tourists from their hotels and set out for the warm waters of the Mexican Riviera. Two hours are available for snorkeling with whale sharks in Tulum. Snorkelers are transported by boat to Playa Norte on Isla Mujeres where they can also enjoy lunch.

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