When we talk about Mexico City one of the things we must definitely mention, taste, experiment, venture upon is its Gastronomy, what can be described as a journey into a land of flavor will translate into an experience simultaneously simple and complex that will create a poetic memory for years to come.
Our gastronomy was proclaimed as an “Intangible Cultural Heritage” by UNESCO in 2010, so it is safe to say that more than one of your savory stops will be unforgettable.
Mexico City is huge, and its table offerings infinite and versatile, I want to share with you my personal favorites those special spots you can find by simply roaming around the neighborhood, just walk a couple of blocks around Orchid House and you will arrive at hopefully some of the most transcendental culinary experiences of your life.


If you´re into food and you´re in Mexico for it, you most definitely have heard or have been to Contramar. ENTREMAR is Contramar´s sister located right in front of a quiet park on Hegel.
Exact same menu, exact same impeccable service. Must order the classic Tuna Tostadas and pair it with a Michelada.
Tip: Depending on where you travel in Mexico the name for mixture of lime, salt, chile, and salsas will change. In some parts this will be called Michelada, in others Chelada, and others Ojo Rojo (that usually has Clamato).
In Mexico City we call beer with lime and salt Michelada.
Local tip: Where as you usually have to reserve at Contramar and sometimes far in advance, you won´t typically require reservation at Entremar.
Where? Hegel 307


A classic delicious spot for Lebanese food, this Polanco location is also satelite of the original in la Colonia Florida that opened its doors in 1976 a notable feat in a fast paced city. Don’t expect crowds or Masaryk glamour, totally low key but perfect for a quick no fuss lunch.
Musts include: Jocoque seco (dry yogurt), tapule, chanklish (type of prepared goat cheese), hojas de parra, kepe asado.

Where? Lope de Vega 334



What food list isn´t complete without Pujol? A restaurant that personally lives up to its hype. Their new location will take you on a pause and a subtle course into discovering some underlining ideals, flavors, techniques of Mesoamerican cuisine.
Reserve a spot at the bar for the Taco Omakase one of the most exciting culinary experiences I´ve had. Be prepared to eat many many tacos, to chat with the bartenders and servers that are exceptionally warm and welcoming, and to take a taste of Mexico (according to Enrique Olvera) home with you.

Where? Tennyson 133
Must Reserve



These are tacos done in a waaaay more casual form, if you´re here for the food be open to do tacos every which way, you will discover there are many. Turix are experts on tacos de Cochinita Pibil, a typical dish of Yucatan, and a most beloved dish of Mexican cuisine. Shredded pork marinated in achiote and sour orange adobo, order at the counter and take a seat to quickly enjoy some of the most delicious tacos of the area.

Where? Emilio Castelar 212

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