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Dear visitor, make yourself at home in one of Mexico City´s most charming neighborhoods. Not only will we at Orchid House make you feel like a local, but the surroundings will encourage you to explore beyond our walls.

For starters, Campos Elíseos, Orchid House was adequately constructed on this iconic street. You will be surrounded by friendly neighbors and quiet shades of green. Feel free to walk and discover for yourself, there are some examples of classic, modern, and colonial architecture all around, (our house being a brilliant inclusion to that list.)
The most evident spot to explore is the beautiful 19th century fountain flowing right outside our windows, cross the street and savour a cup of coffee, your favorite book, or simply some calm time in the benches poised around. Let time pass by under the trees, listen to the people passing by, and let this idyllic corner spark your curiosity to venture a bit further.
A block away you will find an exemplary antique shop, and right in front a contemporary interior boutique. Excellent contrast if you´re looking for something special to take back.
If you walk a block up on Schiller you will arrive at Masaryk, Mexico City´s most sumptuous streets. Paved with the best restaurants, bars, and lush shops.
If you walk a block in the opposite direction and cross Ruben Darío, a beautiful residential street, and you will arrive at the Circuito Gandhi, a perfect circuit for your morning or night run. And if you wish to get to know us better, there is the Tamayo Musuem, the MAM (Museo de Arte Moderno), and the Anthropology Museum a couple of minutes (walking distance) away.
Plan a full day or two to get to know the neighborhood, it most definitely will be a memorable experience.
This is just a small glimpse into the wonders that our street and our city has to offer, stay tuned to our blog for more updates on this ever growing ever shifting metropolis.
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