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Mexico City is an extraordinary travel destination. When you’re there, one place you will want to visit is Coyoacán, the city’s historical district.

This famous area is a repository of Mexican culture. Its shops, architecture, and authentic Mexican food make you realize that you are really in Old Mexico. As one of the safest areas of CDMX, you can feel free to spend at least several days getting your fill of Mexican culture as you stroll through the Plaza Jardin Hidalgo, the National Museum of Popular Culture, the Mexican Craft Market, the Chapel of Santa Catarina, or the Jesús Reyes Heroles House of Culture. After all that, you can spend a day at the famous Los Coyotes Zoo.

Coyoacán, unmissable place on your visit to CDMX

There is No Shortage of Special Attractions in Coyoacán:

The Leon Trotsky Museum contains a collection of personal items and books related to the famed Ukrainian asylum-seeker, and is a world-renowned tribute to political freedom.

Viveros (Nursery) de Coyoacán is 38 hectares (93 acres) of trees planted in dedication to Mexico’s reforestation efforts, a perfect place for a nice, relaxing walk.

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The Church of San Juan Bautista (St. John the Baptist), is a beautiful monument to 16th century colonial architecture located in the Parque (Park) de Coyoacán,

The National Cinematheque, a popular archive of local and international film established in 1974, has 10 theatres, a digital video library, and gallery.

The Centro Coyoacán Shopping Center provides unlimited browsing among the 124 stores conveniently located directly over the Metro Coyoacán Station.

Special Attractions in Coyoacán

Eating Your Way Through Coyoacan

After going to all these sites, you’ll undoubtedly work up a big appetite. Not to worry: Coyoacán has no lack of feasting opportunities. You can start at The Coyoacán Market, a two-story marketplace replete with Mexican cantinas and cafes offering authentic local food, especially Mexican-style churros (fried pastries) which you can eat to your stomach’s content. Or dine at the classic Mesón Antiqua while overlooking the Plaza de Catarina. After your meal, cool down with ice cream or popsicles found at different places in the city center, or take in a traditional Mexican coffee at El Jarocho—hardly your local Starbuck’s—which you can enjoy on the bench tables or take away as you explore other sites other sites. 

Easy Access

As a popular tourist area, the Coyoacán district is convenient for tourists. You can arrive there by taxi, bus, or through the Coyoacán Metro Station, depending upon your specific destination. Also, don´t miss the opportunity to visi  and booking in Orchid hotel such as our boutique hotel San Miguel de Allende or boutique hotel in Mexico City near to Coyoacán. Ask about our best hotel such as La Paz boutique hotels.

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