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  • A hotel with intimate ambiance and luxurious denotations
  • Small selection of rooms with unique personalities
  • Found in rare or exotic locations
    Expect personalized attention and amazing service

Here at The Orchid House, whether your destination is Mexico City or Tulum, we offer a complete and unique experience for our guests. We make them feel like locals while travelling far away.

The exclusivity found in our Casa Boutique is our main characteristic, where you can witness thoughtful design within the rooms of our Mansion or within the Selva Maya, depending on where you’re staying at.

Casa Boutiques are typically established in exotic or fine locations. When staying with us in Mexico City, you’ll live inside a 100-year-old Mansion, with many interesting activities to do within a short distance. If you decide on coming to the Riviera Maya, you’ll enjoy the experience of feeling clothed in the Jungle, where you can also enjoy several fun activities very close to our Casa Boutique.

Even though Casa Boutiques are found in rare surroundings, they have all the necessary infrastructure and modern technology so you can relax during your stay in any of our two locations.

Orchid House, Boutique Hotel in Mexico City: Campos Eliseos 76, Polanco IV Sección, 11550 Miguel Hidalgo

Make your reservation: Campos Eliseos

Orchid House Riviera Maya: Aldea Zama 77760, Tulum Quintana Roo

Make your reservation: Tulum

Don’t wait any longer, book your suite with us in our hotel boutique in Polanco or in our boutique hotel San Miguel de Allende.

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