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San Miguel de Allende is considered by many national and foreign tourists the most beautiful city in all of Mexico; mainly because it combines the classic design of the Spanish colonization, with the big cities cosmopolitan style. Thanks to this merger, on July 7th, 2008, San Miguel was declared a World Heritage Site by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Cobbled streets, buildings dating from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, museums, art galleries, squares full of trees and majestic architectural details is only part of what you will find in the Historic Center. That´s the reason today we will tell you why you should stay in a hotel in this area on your next visit to San Miguel. Let´s Start!

Why is San Miguel de Allende´s Historic Center the best place to stay?

Almost all tourist activities are concentrated in San Miguel´s Historic Center area, starting with the Central Square which is the classic place to go to rest, have an ice cream and relax during the holidays. From there you can get a glimpse of San Miguel Archangel´s Parish towers, a city´s symbol and one of the most visited places by national and foreign tourists.
San Miguel´s narrow cobbled streets and its short distances are the best excuses to forget about the car during your visit. Precisely that proximity is what will help you enjoy San Miguel´s entire cultural experience since you can leave early to walk the streets, return to rest at the hotel, and go out again to enjoy the eternal party that is celebrated in San Miguel.

What to do in San Miguel de Allende´s historic center?

What to do in San Miguel de Allende´s historic center?

San Miguel Archangel´s Parish

Dedicated to the archangel Miguel, the parish is the oldest building in the city since it dates from 1555, the year in which San Miguel de Allende was founded, making it the city´s symbol for its neo-Gothic design and for the pink quarry with which it was built. On September 29th, each year the archangel is celebrated with fireworks, bullfights and music festivals. In addition, figures are made with cardboard, reed and paintings, which are called monkeys.

Casa de Allende Historical Museum

The famous Mexico´s Independence hero, Ignacio Allende, was born in this region and gave him his surname when the Villa de San Miguel ascended to a city and his old dwelling was converted into the Casa de Allende Historical Museum, one of the most important and unmissable cultural venues, where you can learn about Allende´s life and his family and its original furniture and replicas.

In the 16 rooms that make up the museum you will also find collector’s items, an ancient Chichimeca culture sample, valuable historical documents and events from Allende´s life that will surprise you.

La Aurora Factory

One of the most interesting places in San Miguel de Allende is “La Aurora Factory”, where the history of an old textile work center is located in conjunction with the current Cultural Art and Design Center, where books, paintings, sculptures and historical documents are located.

Here you will also find a beautiful café, jewelry, boutique and an art gallery with workshops and artistic activities.

Ignacio Ramírez Cultural Center “The Necromancer”

It is a historic building dating from 1754, when it was founded as a convent to later be a school, a barracks during the Mexican Revolution times and currently a cultural center with art exhibitions and artistic workshops.

The corner, Mexican Toy Museum

One of the most peculiar museums in Latin America where a collection of more than 3,500 handmade toys collected over more than 50 years in three rooms is permanently exhibited. Here you can see the toy as a traditional piece of culture and art, in addition to its manufacture, processing materials and its function in society.

Where to eat in San Miguel de Allende?

Where to eat in San Miguel de Allende?

The gastronomic variety in San Miguel is very wide since you will find form small cafes with cultural designs, very simple small restaurants with the region´s traditional food, to very nice restaurants with international food. We will mention some of them:

  • Lavender Café Bar and kitchen. A small place, located on Calle del Dr. Ignacio Hernández Macías 87, located in the center of the city, where you can enjoy drinks with lavender, breakfast, coffee, a widely recognized bar menu and a variety of dishes to choose from.
  • Panio Atelier. A Franco-Italian bakery located in the center of the city, with delicious creations of pastries and bread perfect to start the day with great happiness.
  • El Manantial (The Spring). A historic canteen, founded in 1920 where you can have a drink, a beer or enjoy delicious Mexican food. Located in Barranca 78, Zona Centro.
  • Marsálà, kitchen with accents. Chef Marcela Bolaño´s Restaurant, located in Hernández Macías 48 colonia Centro, where you will find international and signature food that will surprise you.
  • Antonia Bistro. A restaurant where you will find a terrace with a beautiful city view. While it’s not that close to the Historic Center, the atmosphere is ideal for a romantic dinner with your partner.
  • Quince Rooftop (Fifteen Rooftop). It is one of San Miguel´s best known terraces, which stands out for its oriental style menu.

When is the best time to visit San Miguel de Allende?

When is the best time to visit San Miguel de Allende?

Any time of the year is perfect to visit San Miguel de Allende thanks to the fact that it has a warm and comfortable climate, as well as permanent exhibitions and an eternal festive atmosphere. However, if you are guided by religious and cultural festivities, here is a brief guide:

  • January. On January 17th, San Antonio Abad and the Blessing of the Animals feast are celebrated. On January 21th, the Generalissimo Ignacio Allende´s birth Anniversary is commemorated and a cultural week and military civic parade are celebrated.
  • February. On February 2nd, the “Día de la Candelaria” festivity is held when masses are celebrated, dances in the parish atrium, fireworks and plants, flowers and seeds sales in the square, in addition to traditional food.
  • March. In this month the Baroque Music Festival takes place, the festivity in honor of the Lord of the Conquest, the one brought by the Lord of the Column from the sanctuary of Atotonilco to the temple of San Juan de Dios.
  • April. All the Holy Week activities are carried out, altars in the virgin´s honor, processions, artistic presentations, dances and music.
  • June. The “Locos” Parade takes place where people come out with handmade masks.
  • July. Festivity in honor of the Holy Cross.
  • August. The San Miguel de Allende Chamber Music Festival takes place all month.
  • September. Festivities in honor of the Independence of Mexico, in addition to the celebration of the Patron Saint of the city: San Miguel Arcángel held on September 29th with social, sports, artistic and cultural events.
  • October. At the end of this month and the beginning of next month, La Calaca Festival is held in various venues in the city.
  • November. Festivities related to the “Día de Muertos” (Day of the Dead).
  • December. Christmas celebrations.

Where to stay in San Miguel de Allende´s historic center?

Now that you have convinced yourself that the Historic Center is the best area to stay in San Miguel de Allende (best area to stay in san miguel de allende) it is time to look for an hotel to make your reservation. We suggest you book at the Boutique Hotel San Miguel de Allende, located in the heart of San Miguel where you will find a fusion between colonial beauty with the luxury and comfort you are looking for when you go on vacation.

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