2 Guests

2 Single Bed

1 Shower

During your stay in one of the most exclusive rooms, immerse yourself in the warmth of a contemporary Mexican home. Contemplate the beauty of this cozy room, rest in this unique space. During the day natural light flows subtly and at night close the black-out curtains to achieve deep rest. The selection of furniture, antiques of the Vargas Contreras family are from the personal collection and were handpicked for each room. We have handcrafted some of our textiles with communities of local artisans, so the room speaks to the depth of our culture.

  • Sophisticated Mexican design with British accents, in red, black and gold tones.
  • Two canopy beds in antique herrería, set with gold crowns.
  • Antique bureau set with beautiful marquetry part of the family collection.
  • Mexican wardrobe with simple lines.
  • 3 antique illustrations with ancient texts and orchid appliquées.
* All our rooms have handwoven and naturally dyed “pies de cama” that exalt the color scheme in each room.
** All our rooms have hand embroidered decorative pillows by mexican artist Gabriela of Ofelia y Antelmo.


Our beds boast a mattress intended in replenishing each night’s sleep, they are set with Egyptian cotton sheets and duvet, a heavenly bed cover and down feather pillows.

You may contact our guest services via WhatsApp.

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Television with Netflix

Hair Dryer

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