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One of the most representative female figures in Mexico is undoubtedly Frida Kahlo. Known worldwide by her famous husband Diego Rivera, her unique appearance, her irreverent personality, but above all for her surrealism and expressionist style paintings, which stand out for autobiographical and by reflecting her emotional state.

The Blue House, where Frida Kahlo was born and died, became a museum in 1958, four years after her death. Although, after their marriage to Diego Rivera, the couple lived in different locations in Mexico City and abroad, Frida always returned to her house.

Located at 247 London Street in Coyoacán, one of Mexico City’s most famous colonies, the blue-fronted house houses inside some of the artist’s most famous works: “Viva la Vida”, “Frida y la cesárea”, “Portrait of my father Wilhem Kahlo. We can also visit the place where she lived with Diego Rivera: her traditional cuisine, her room, her majestic garden, and her decorative pieces, toys, dolls, traditional clay pots of Mexican culture.

The house belonged to the Kahlo since 1904 and has been sought to maintain as it looked in 1951, when it was already inhabited by Frida and Diego Rivera. In the museum we can see not only paintings by Frida, but by other Mexican artists so it is an enriching experience. You can also see her study, her brushes, oil paintings, mirrors, her “day room” and “night room”, where you will know more about her personality and her physical and emotional pains.

The garden is one of the favorite places of visitors, where you can enjoy a small oasis of freshness among the variety of plants, the fountains and a quiet environment. The exhibition of the artist’s garments is another favorite as well, since we can see her dresses, corsets, headdresses, among other accessories that demonstrate how Frida has been inspiration of haute couture fashion designers.

In the narrations and comments of the guides, you will be able to DISCOVER Frida Kahlo´s history, her relationship with Diego Rivera, the way he influenced her work and her relationship with other artists, intellectuals and politicians such as Leon Trotsky, with whom she had an intense relationship.

In addition to discovering the creative universe of Frida Kahlo, take the opportunity to stroll through the streets of Coyoacán and visit other cultural sites such as the National Museum of Popular Cultures, the Elena Garro Cultural Center, the National Fonoteca, as well as cafes, breweries, restaurants, the market and the beautiful nursery.

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