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Feel at home while you explore the town’s singular history.

Boutique Hotel San Miguel de Allende

Boutique Hotel San Miguel de Allende

Each one of our projects refines the meaning of being hosts, to you, dear guest. In our own home, we are inheritors of a hospitality legacy, where each person that walks through our door is received as part of our family.
Orchid House San Miguel de Allende located in the heart of San Miguel de Allende on Hidalgo street a couple of steps from la Parroquia San Miguel Arcángel. The hotel is an architectural treasure, we’ve discovered blue prints of the houses’ first iteration that date back to the 1700s. The Vidargas Castillo familia lived here for four generations, antique dealers and custodians of the intrinsic value of their home.
San Miguel de Allende is designated a WORLD HERITAGE SITE by the UNESCO, the town is a pristine example of Spanish Colonial Baroque Architecture from the sixteenth century. A city of immense importance for Mexico’s independence. There are underground tunnels where carriages once circulated. This Heritage site wraps around our beloved Casa Boutique and 64 more blocks of historical integrity, cultural vitality and Mexican warmth. Walk through the streets to feel suspended in another time, get lost amongst the cobbled stone paths, witness the iconic colors and spectacular artesanías. You’ll find that the inhabitants of San Miguel are guardians of a singular history, maintaining an original authenticity intact.


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Visiting a Magical Town like San Miguel de Allende calls for staying in a room where you can enjoy the magical warmth of Mexico, a fusion of tradition and contemporary decor. At the Orchid House Boutique Hotel in San Miguel de Allende, you’ll find the Brassia room, perfect for a couple of travelers looking for a unique space to rest. It’s a room filled with natural light during the day, and at night, it has blackout curtains for a deep and revitalizing sleep.

Decorated with a selection of furniture and antiques that reflect contemporary Mexican culture, as well as handmade textiles by local artisans. It creates a sophisticated environment with British accents in red, gold, and black colors.

Rest in two single canopy beds with antique ironwork and golden crowns that will make you feel like you’re sleeping in a royal bed, adorned with Egyptian cotton sheets, feather pillows, a handwoven footrest with natural dye to highlight the room’s colors.

What will you find in the Brassia room?

  • 2 single beds
  • Wardrobe
  • Private bathroom with shower
  • Decorative cushions


Visiting San Miguel de Allende with family is a unique and fun experience, deserving of a room like Cattleya. Ideal for three people, it is a suite decorated with contemporary pieces and spectacular antiques to create a timeless and unique atmosphere with a palette of warm colors that blend with the house’s architecture.

Cattleya is a room decorated with a selection of furniture, antiques, and special textiles, resulting in a unique design that combines elements of Mexican, Arab, and British culture, with red, black, and white tones.

For your rest, you will find a King Size bed and a single bed, adorned with a comfortable duvet, Egyptian cotton sheets, and a beautiful footrest for added comfort.

What will you find in the Cattleya room?

  • 1 King Size bed
  • 1 single bed
  • Private bathroom with shower
  • Wardrobe
  • Hand-embroidered decorative cushions


If you’re looking for a suite to rest and recover from the hustle and bustle of the colorful city, at Orchid House, you’ll find the Cambria suite, perfect for a couple’s getaway.

Allow yourself to be pampered in a room with neutral tones, aiming to create a sense of harmony and relaxation, combining Mexican and British design elements through colors such as blue, beige, and white.

Rest in an antique brass bed, restored and furnished with Egyptian cotton sheets, a duvet, and a footrest for nights of restful sleep, allowing you to continue enjoying San Miguel de Allende.

What will you find in the Cambria suite?

  • Queen Size bed
  • Wardrobe
  • Private bathroom with shower
  • Hand-embroidered decorative cushions


Traveling with family or a small group of friends to San Miguel de Allende is a fun and adventurous experience, deserving of a stay at a boutique hotel like Orchid House. The Coelia suite is a stunning room where natural light flows during the day to illuminate the cozy atmosphere with space for 4 guests.

Coelia is a room with a Mexican design in earthy tones, beige, white, and olive green, combined with stone walls that evoke ancient mansions.

What will you find in the Coelia suite?

  • 2 Queen Size beds
  • Wardrobe
  • Private bathroom with shower
  • Private patio


If you’re looking for a special suite for a memorable vacation or a weekend getaway to celebrate a special occasion, the Tiger suite is perfect for you. Come and discover our room decorated with Mexican style that combines textures in wood, textiles, and clay to provide a comfortable and relaxing experience.

In addition to the spectacular furniture and the bed adorned with a duvet and a spectacular footrest, the Tiger suite features beautiful succulents and a wooden horse sculpture, designed by a Mexican artisan to give it a unique and special touch.

What will you find in the Tiger suite?

  • King Size bed
  • Wardrobe
  • Private bathroom with shower

San Miguel de Allende Hotel

You’ll find your home away from home, Bienvenido a Orchid House San Miguel de Allende, dating back 300 years in the historic center. Ideal for 6 to 10 people, a family trip, a group get together or a special celebration. All our rooms are located on the Ground Floor where you will find the Living Room, Dinning Room, fully equipped Kitchen, a space that functions as a Library or Home Office, and a marvelous nook the serves as a bar and cava. When you enter the home you’ll find a classic Patio Central with a fountain where you may enjoy breakfast al fresco, we also have a beautiful interior garden.
Our hotel has an unsurpassable location surrounded by the most delicious restaurants, art galleries, shops, bars, hotels, pharmacies, and all of the “Best Of” San Miguel.
Orchid House San Miguel de Allene is a family project where our strengths are woven to provide you, our most welcome guest, a memorable experience.
We seek to provide you, our guest, with the exquisite experience of making you feel at home, even while you may be far away. We wish you feel like a local, to be able to soak in a fine experience in the warmth of Orchid House.

Orchid House Mexico City & Tulum

We seek to provide you, our guest, with the exquisite experience of making you feel at home, even while you may be far away. We wish you feel like a local, to be able to soak in a fine experience in the warmth of Orchid House.

The Vargas Contreras Family

Ana Claudia is an Art Historian and has dedicated her life to safeguard the aesthetic/ sentimental legacy of the family. She has realized the architectural investigation, and is a pilar in restoring the property. She has a great eye for curating antiques and rescuing pieces of sentimental and historical value. While walking around the house you will see her hand in every corner, she is passionate about her homes and she designs each space as if it was her own. Her style could be defined as Artisanal Nostalgia, she finds immense value in the hands of local artisans and has lent some pieces from her personal collection that elevate the interiors of Casa Hixuli.

Plácido, Patricio and Pablo contribute a bold vision creating a business that holds the importance of family and is supported by focused work, sustainability, comforting luxury.

Plácidos eye brings an atemporal refinement to our beloved Casa, he is an artist at heart; his love of form and beauty spark the fire of creativity and incite those close by to enter into a leisurely state of being.

Patricio travels the world in search of the perfect encounter between nature and abundance, his expeditions create a fine metaphor for the concept that underlines Orchid House; that is to experience a destination at the point where green finds balance with what is human-made.

Pablo shapes all that is sustainably driven, his guidance harmonizes Orchid House as a whole, he is savvy with all the resources at hand and uses them wisely, pointing the team towards a brighter unfolding.

Lucia has a magic touch with hospitality and gourmet experiences. With years of practice curating one of a kind collaborations between Award Winning Chefs, Wineries, Artisanal Beer Breweries, Artisanal Honey Harvesters, Luxury Liquors. She is your go to if you want to have an even more memorable stay with us.

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