Our Experiences

Embark on a one-of-a-kind journey with our extraordinary setting and thoughtfully curated atmosphere.

Dining Room

Restored table original to the house. Mexican Anfora tableware from the early 20th century from the family’s private collection. Authentic Mexican wrought iron lanterns

Living Room

Delight in the charm of our living room, adorned with original early 20th-century cream and green tile, an artwork by the emblematic artist Fernando García Ponce, complemented by the presence of traditional Mexican clay pots.

Central courtyard

Explore the charm of our central courtyard, where the restored original source seamlessly blends with 19th-century authenticity. Adorned with pink quarry door frames, a hand-painted Michoacan wooden canoe, and a captivating blue color Mexican wooden door in the shape of archangels. The space is surrounded by original stone and stucco walls, shell-shaped quarry exterior sink and water channel around the entire yard


Orchid hall, green wall that has a life of its own
Indian drum and a golden tin sheet mirror, typical of San Miguel de Allende
Original copper foil lamps


Enter through our distinguished entryway featuring a designer peacock blue glass oil lamp, where the ambiance is accentuated by a double-height ceiling and the authenticity of original stone and stucco.


Step into our enchanting garden, where an original water pool takes center stage alongside an olive tree with over 50 years of history. The authentic buttress supports the inner garden walls, surrounded by the mesmerizing beauty of lavender, rosemary, bougainvillea and a flourishing pomegranate tree. Enjoy a delightful terrace for dining, a wine cellar adorned with original wooden house furniture in low relief, and a picturesque garden, a perfect place for hosting events.