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Boutique Hotel Baja California

Feel at home where the desert meets the sea.

Boutique Hotel Baja California SUR

A getaway where two atmospheres collide, you will awake every day to the beauty of the gorgeous desertic landscape of Baja and the soothing and relaxing sounds of the marvelous sea of Cortéz.

The sea meets the sky gifting the viewer with a magical scenery making it the perfect spot to escape from the busy city.

Quintessential for a romantic voyage a Boutique Hotel in Baja California Sur is the optimal option for those wanderlust travelers seeking for a home away from home with all the lush and luxe of a five star boutique hotel.


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about us

Orchid House Baja is an exclusive boutique hotel located in one of the most privileged areas in Baja, with an amazing view and access to an exclusive zone at El Caimancito Beach your stay here is guaranteed to be the best experience in La Paz with all the comforts of being at home and the lush and luxe of a five star boutique hotel.

Only eight suites and a unique Villa your stay here is an oath to privacy and an outstanding escapade to paradise.


Orchid House is an eco-community of La Paz boutique hotels that is very respectful of its environment contributing with a balance in all of our locations and sites between the consumption and use of the natural and man made materials and resources. This is the reason why you will find a variety of experiences that function accordingly to this motto.

At our Beach Club, Bar and Restaurant you will always find the finest concoctions made with the freshest ingredients by the best chefs and hands in the region, from a romantic dinner for two to a wedding reception Orchid House Baja is your best option for that special occasion.


We offer a wide range of activities suitable for all guests. If you are looking for an adventure-filled holiday we will be happy to advise you on the best excursions, if you simply wish to take a break you can trust the tact of our staff to relax, and decompress from the stress of everyday. We will be happy providing recommendations, tips, local insights, local transportation connections, special events, and much more. Let us know what on your mind and we can custom design a unique itinerary to your wants and needs.
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