Your Wedding by The Sea of Cortés

Wedding at an Iconic Boutique Paradise

Step into a realm where the mystical desert embraces the boundless sea at Orchid House Baja, part of the OH Hotels Casa Boutique Ecosystem. This iconic estate represents a blend of grace and heritage in Baja California Sur, having once belonged to the state government. Orchid House Baja offers more than just a venue; it’s a sanctuary of refined taste, featuring private beach sanctuaries, magnificent architecture, expansive landscapes, a climate-perfected infinity pool, upscale dining establishments, a sophisticated beach club, and a vibrant botanical garden. With our array of luxurious suites, an exclusive villa, and the opulent presidential suite, each space is meticulously cared for to provide unparalleled luxury and comfort, creating the perfect canvas for your fairy-tale wedding.


Venue Features

Iconic Manor
9 Suites & 1 Villa
5 Bungalows coming soon
Beach-front Property
10-minute drive from Downtown
In-house Beach Club and Restaurant
Climatized Infinity Pool
Private Beach Areas
Private Parking Lot
Luxurious Amenities

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