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Ask About Our Hidden Treasures of Museo de Antropologia

Just a few steps away from our door is the legendary Museo de Antropología, ask about our Hidden Treasures Tour of the museum with expert archeologists, and guides that will make you see Mexico’s ancient history in a new light.

Ask About Our Experiences With Arca Tierra

Explore Xochimilco in a beautiful new way. Orchid House and Arca Tierra invite you to discover the relationship between the land, cooking, and nature. One of a kind experience you’ll always remember. Enjoy private tours guided by experts and insiders to Archaeological Sites, Museums, Palaces. Experience exclusive honey, wine and beer tastings.

Ask About Our Mercado and Taco Tours

Welcome to our secret garden

Are you a taco enthusiast, or interested in the local food culture? Mexico is one the most vibrant culinary destinations in the whole world. Ask about our market and taco tours that will elevate your senses and take your taste buds on a wonderful ride.